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Palais du Chef is the modern review of the traditional recipes which answers to the upraising demand of food free by potentially dangerous ingredients.

So far, taste a good tiramisu even gluten, ogm and transfat free was very difficult. Thanks to the new tecnology and the Rue Flambée’s R&D dept, we are able to provide to all chefs and horeca professionals, a complete line of ingredients which will make their job easy, granting high quality finished products that can sastisfy both traditional and healthy food lovers.

Madame Loulou – Your creativity becomes sweet, colored and captivating.

Madame Loulou takes you into the creation of your own cake. Easy to use products, high quality decorations…. All that with the addition of the most famous Pastry Chef’s suggestions on the last trends launched.

Madame Loulou is very keen on the health of his consumers and pays particular attention to the recipes using high quality ingredients, meticulously selected.