Rue Flambée is a vibrant and modern Italian Company built on the long experiance of its founders in the fields of pastry, confectionery, catering and foodservice. And it’s finally coming to the USA. 

Founded originally to support Chefs and Baking Professionals, the company’s commitment to innovation and respect for tradition allowed it to expand to support the growing needs of the flourishing home-baking market and the companies that serve it. 

Each Rue Flambée recipe blends meticulously selected, natural, preservative-free ingredients with culinary science to create high quality, delicious desserts and products that can be prepared quickly and conveniently while still allowing the customer to explore his or her own creativity.

Through its dedication to working with partners, suppliers and staff to identify and source the best ingredients, and enhance the highly specialized technological manufacturing solutions that optimize both productivity and food safety, Rue Flambée is committed to always exceeding the highest expectations of its customers. 

Rue Flambée is excited to bring this experience and know-how to the US market.

If you’d like to arrange a demo or request a sample, contact +0039 3801841397